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Mona Lisa The story of the Mona Lisa Mona Lisa after the aesthetic surgery
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Following a dream in which Dr. Urs Victor Burki saw himself in a splendid concert hall performing an aesthetic operation on the Mona Lisa to the accompaniment of organ music, he pondered on how to actually alter her face to bring her closer to today’s ideal of beauty. He proceeded as if Mona Lisa was his patient. These considerations gave rise to an original work of art which graces the title page of his book Art and Aesthetic surgery and which aroused lively interest in the media world.

In order to give those who are interested an opportunity to acquire a copy of this art work, Dr. Urs Victor Burki has had a  limited number of serigraphs produced in the original grey/red colours. “Mona Lisa before/after, Six in a Square”, is a variation on the basic theme of “Mona Lisa before/after aesthetic surgery of the face”. This serigraph was produced in the colours gold-silver-grey.

Leonardo Da Vinci and the Joconde

"Mona Lisa before/after"

Urs Victor Burki, 2005

Colour: grey-red
Format: 70 x 100cm
Numbered and signed
Limited edition: 150 pces
Price: CHF 350.--


Urs Victor Burki's signature

"Mona Lisa before/after, Six in a Square"

Urs Victor Burki, 2005

Colour: gold-silver-grey
Format: 50 x 70cm
Numbered and signed
Limited edition: 150 pces
Price: CHF 220.--

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