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Book "Art & Aesthetic Surgery"

Author: Urs Victor Burki

In this book, Urs Victor Burki explains to his readers, in clear language, the art and science of plastic surgery, referring to the great artists of the past who enhance our sensitivity; but he also highlights our limits as surgeons. Read more...

Prof. Ivo Pitanguy

The leading international aesthetic surgeon Urs Victor Burki is guided in his profession both by purely rational considerations and by aesthetic reflections. In this book, the reader is given insight into facial aesthetic rejuvenation surgery as a science that is closely connected to art, since it is guided by the quest for beauty. Statements by philosophers and eminent artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Leonardo da Vinci, and the author’s detailed studies of facial proportions indicate that beauty is something unique.

Urs Victor Burki, achieves astonishing results in facial rejuvenation surgery – as evidenced by the numerous photographs of his patients. He masters the art of attaining a significant and most natural rejuvenation of the face, without altering in the slightest the personal facial features. He thus achieves the supreme objectives of facial aesthetic surgery: naturalness and harmony Read more...

PD Dr. med. Leo Clodius

What can realistically be expected of aesthetic surgery? What opportunities does it offer, what experience does it convey, and what are its limits? These and further questions are discussed in depth and considerable detail in this book.

Richly illustrated descriptions of surgical procedures, numerous pre- and postoperative photographs along with patients’ testimonials, assure a more comprehensive understanding of this complex field.

It is an informative and fascinating book, aimed at both the public at large and experts in medicine and the cosmetics sector.
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