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Portrait of the Burki Clinic

Inside the clinic

The Burki Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery was established in 1990 by Urs Victor Burki, M.D., an FMH specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery. It is located in the centre of Geneva, in the immediate vicinity of the university hospital. In 1995 the Burki Clinic was extended by the incorporation of the Burki Centre for Aesthetic Medicine. At the time it was founded the Burki Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery was one of the first private clinics in Europe to specialize exclusively in aesthetic surgery. Since then over 10,000 patients - both women and men - have been successfully treated by Dr. Burki.
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The Burki Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery is endowed with the most modern medical equipment. It has an ultra-modern operating theatre equipped with the same advanced technology as in a large hospital, a postoperative recovery room, rooms in which outpatients can rest for a few hours, comfortable patients' bedrooms and a number of rooms used for patient counselling, post-operative treatments and as a reception and administration area. The modern, tasteful interior decoration of the Burki Clinic exudes warmth and a feeling of security. As a private clinic, we can guarantee our patients absolute discretion - an advantage which is appreciated time and again, particularly by patients who are in the public eye.

Inside the clinic

The Burki Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery offers its patients optimal, individual medical and human care. The qualified medical personnel are specially trained in the field of aesthetic surgery and possess a high level of technical and human competency.

Dr. Urs Victor Burki conducts both his surgical and his medical practice at his private clinic. Therefore he is available to his patients at all times even after the operation and can personally supervise the post-operative care provided by the nursing staff. This is of decisive importance, particularly during the hours immediately after the surgical intervention.

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