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Regenerative neo-serum

with biomimetic polypeptides

New Formula Women / Men

The "Régénérateur biologique" was initially developed by Prof. Urs Burki, M.D. for his patients having had facial rejuvenative surgery in order to keep their skin as youthful as possible. This product was successfully distributed by the Burki Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery during more than 10 years.

Since March 2010 the "Régénérateur biologique" has been replaced by the "Regenerative neo-serum". The efficiency of this new product in terms of skin rejuvenation has been significantly improved. The Regenerative neo-serum also exists in a version "for men".

Results of the clinical observations

Sample: 500 persons - aged 20 to 85 years - spontaneous replies to a written questionnaire

  • 92% observe reduction of small wrinkles***
  • 85% observe firming of the skin **
  • 87% observe increase in skin hydration *
  • 78% observe fresher and more regular complexion*
  • 72% observe closing of dilated pores**

After 1*, 2**, 3*** months of daily use (2x/day) - Figures concern the persons declaring that they have these skin characteristics

Principal effects

The Regenerative neo-serum is intended for all skin types.

For your order

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Please consult the testimonials of some users of the "Régénérateur biologique", replaced in March 2010 by the Regenerative neo-serum.

Questions and suggestions

Your questions or suggestions are welcome. Please use the contact form.

Anti-wrinkle+firming day cream SPF 15

To complement the Regenerative neo-serum, use our Anti-wrinkle+firming day cream SPF 15 which contains active substances highly valued in cosmetics for their significant hydrating and toning effect. The Anti-wrinkle+firming day cream SPF 15 protects the skin from harmful environmental effects (UVA/UVB radiation, cold, wind, free radicals, etc.).

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