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I have been working as a cosmetician for 23 years. I got to know Dr. Burki's Regenerative Neo-serum through a girlfriend who had been using this unique product for only a few months. I was so astonished about the effect of this miraculous product that I wanted to try it out right away. After using the Regenerative Neo-serum for a few weeks I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent effect. My complexion is radiant again and fresh and my pores became finer. Women colleagues and I have found that the Regenerative Neo-serum achieves an equally good effect on all skin types. It has a moisturizing effect on dry skin and reduces parchment wrinkles and pigment changes. On greasy or mixed skin in particular the effect of the Regenerative Neo-serum is to narrow the pores and regulate sebum. It also proves to be very good as a foundation cream.

Marie Fernandez, Pully, cosmetician


When I consulted Dr. Burki, my skin was greasy, parchment-like and I had ugly bags under both my eyes, making me look rather tired and heavy. I was demoralized because I had tested the best care products on the market at that time without any visible success. I was able to observe a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin already after the first few days of using the Regenerative Neo-serum. The large pores have receded, my complexion has become generally fresher and more radiant and the dark-coloured skin beneath the eyes has become much lighter so that the bags under my eyes have disappeared. Since I've been using the Regenerative Neo-serum, I don't need either peeling or a mask, as my skin is now soft, gentle, supple and relaxed, like that of a girl. Since then I have never used a foundation cream again. The Regenerative Neo-serum is very pleasant to use, penetrates the skin quickly and is extremely economical to use. I have been using the Regenerative Neo-serum for my hands as well for a few months now and I notice that the small brown patches have vanished and my skin has become finer, gentler and lighter. This miracle product is a genuine gift to us women!

Joséphine (Marie-Jo Berset), Tramelan, Jura



It was only after using the Regenerative Neo-serum for two months that my skin and its appearance changed in the truest sense of the word. My skin has become generally softer and more supple and has regained new tension. My complexion is fresh and radiant and my skin looks even. An unbelievable result in such a short time! The Regenerative Neo-serum - a real miracle product - can easily be applied over the whole face (including the eye region and lips). And my make-up looks much better since I have been using the Regenerative Neo-serum. At first I was tempted to keep my miracle lotion a secret, but then I had only one wish: that all women should discover this unique cosmetic product for themselves and experience its wonderful effect. Thank you, Dr. Burki!

Brenda Brophy, Geneva
Personal trainer & fitness instructor,
La Réserve Hotel & Spa, Crowne Plaza Hotel & Fitness


After using the Regenerative Neo-serum for only a few weeks the appearance of my skin has visibly changed. My skin has become firmer, while the small wrinkles and the enlarged pores have receded. Since the Regenerative Neo-serum has been on the market, I need only this one product. I call it my "four-in-one product": skin lotion, day cream, night cream and face-lift mask with freshness effect. This product is everything rolled into one. I had pores that were considerably enlarged on the sides of my nose, around the mouth and on my chin. Since I've been using the Regenerative Neo-serum, the pores have grown smaller and my skin as a whole has become very beautiful: gentle, smooth, fresh, perfectly moisturized and full of tension. I've also observed a clearly visible reduction of the fine wrinkles. The Regenerative Neo-serum is a genuine miracle product! It should be used until the end of one's life as one's sole skin care product.

Dominique Rosset, Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva


I can recommend this highly efficient cosmetic product to all women without exception! After only a few weeks of using the Regenerative Neo-serum daily (in the morning and evening), I was able to observe the following results: increased skin tension, an even appearance of the skin, reduction of the fine skin lines, attenuation of the wrinkles and a better moisture content in the skin. All in all, the Regenerative Neo-serum has given me a radiant appearance and, what's more, has helped to genuinely rejuvenate my skin. Thank you, Dr. Burki!

Laurence Marin, Annecy-le-Vieux, France


Since I discovered Dr. Urs Burki's Regenerative Neo-serum, there's no question for me about what the optimal skin care solution is. I have tried and appreciated the products of many reputed brands. However, since I have known the Regenerative Neo-serum, I have given up all the others. This unique product provides me with better results than all the others I had used previously. I would never have thought a single cosmetic product can achieve such a significant result!

Susan A., Geneva


I would like to thank you very much for your Regenerative Neo-serum, an extremely efficacious cosmetic product which already shows visible results after only 10 days' use.

Isabelle Baumgartner, Valleyres-sous-Rance, NE
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