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Patients' testimonials

My native canton of Fribourg has given me an irrepressible love of nature and the mountains. I was one of eight children who each became independent at a very early stage. I worked for a while as a journalist before going into paediatrics, where I took up an offer to be trained as an instrument operator. I liked this prospect, but after five years I had to make a choice: working at the weekends was getting me down. The call of the mountains triumphed. Finally, I found a job that enabled me to live out my passion. Being in excellent physical shape, I simply had to expend my energy on an intense activity. As a woman member of a fairly select mountain climbing club, I’ve always been able to take good care of myself; that’s my great strength. As a regular roped party leader (Bishorn, 4000 des Dames, etc.), I derive my sparkling energy from such magical places as the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, in the Gastlosen; Aiguille du Plan, Dent du Géant, les Dômes de Marge, not forgetting the Salève, where I frequently accompany elderly mountain climbing friends out of solidarity (the eldest is 92 years old!).

But the frequent exposure of my redhead's skin to the intensive sun of high mountains caused my face to age prematurely so that one day my daughter said to me: "You know, mum, you're getting terribly wrinkled." That triggered something in my mind. I thought it over and looked carefully at myself in the mirror. Indeed, the face I saw didn’t reflect my overall youthfulness.

A relationship of trust was built with Dr. Burki straight away. Dr. Burki is an extraordinary surgeon because he doesnt alter the expression on your face. I would say it's even more than that: it’s a rediscovery. You experience yourself differently. Before I was very shy. Today it's a pleasure for me to go out to the cinema, to the theatre and opera, to the restaurant. So I have gained a lot of self-confidence since my face lift.

And the operation? Everything was done in an atmosphere of harmony and I felt like going ahead in total security. A painless intervention, it was like lying on cotton wool, and I remember having heard faintly the beautiful piano music of Mozart and Bach. Subsequently, after the operation, I was almost a little sad that these unique moments had come to an end. The post-operative medical care was very meticulous, in a warm, serene atmosphere in which one feels cared for.

I was so happy with my "new face" that I went to a professional photographer to have some pictures done. My daughter, who at that time had suggested I undergo the face lift, subsequently turned out to be almost a bit jealous when young men looked at me. My husband, my friends and colleagues all thought that the effect of rejuvenation was fantastic and so natural. A surgical rejuvenation of the face is first and foremost a personal move, which you do for yourself. My operation aroused a great deal of curiosity, especially from my nephew, who's a doctor. He couldn’t believe that I felt absolutely no pain and recovered so quickly and that I could take up my sporting activities after a week already. I can recommend a facelift to all those who feel they need it. They should not hesitate one single moment.

Mrs. Gisèle Decheverens, Geneva


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