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Patients' testimonials

When I was young, I was adored, famous, a star in my own right. I was popular, looked attractive and was successful in my work, which I loved more than anything else, because I was able to make full use of my creativity and fulfil my strong need to communicate and to share. In fact, I had everything I needed to be happy.

And still, I had never experienced in full the happiness of being a beautiful woman. Even though, I was expecting men to appreciate my beauty, I myself didn’t really acknowledge it. I had gradually seen my face change as my ideas and feelings changed, and I'd seen my features being moulded by what I was thinking and experiencing. I realized that I was in the process of losing something that was essential for me. One day I noticed that my face bore the marks of great sadness.

It was for myself that I was having the face lift done. It was something that came from within rather than from an external influence. It wasn’t so much the idea of being rejuvenated or looking more beautiful that was the motivation for my facelift. It was rather the desire to make my physiognomy match my actual happy feelings. I wanted the expression on my face to correspond to what I was experiencing; in fact, I was in the process of rediscovering life!

I had consulted some women friends, but I wasn't particularly convinced about aesthetic surgery. Then I met Dr. Burki and my decision was made. I could tell from the way he examined me that it wasn’t particularly the wrinkles he was observing, but that he imagined already how his work would release what was preventing the beauty of my face from revealing itself. What a magnificent result! Now I can age in beauty.

Mrs. Françoise Schaller, Cannes (France)


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