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Portrait of Urs Victor Burki, M.D.

Urs Victor Burki completed his medical studies at the University of Zürich, where he gained his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1972. After four years of training in general surgery, hand and micro-surgery at the Zürich University Hospital, he spent another four years specializing in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and in 1981 gained the title of FMH (Federatio Medicorum Helveticorum) specialist.  He then enhanced his knowledge of aesthetic surgery by working alongside the greatest aesthetic surgeons in the USA and Brazil for two years. Dr. Urs Victor Burki cooperates with the leading centres for aesthetic surgery around the world.

Stirn/AugenIn 1977 Dr. Urs Victor Burki decided to specialize exclusively in the field of aesthetic surgery. He opened an outpatients’ centre for aesthetic surgery in Geneva in 1983 and at the same time began to work as an in-patient physician for aesthetic surgery affiliated to Hôpital de la Tour in Geneva. In 1990 he established the Burki Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery, one of the first dedicated clinics in Europe to specialize exclusively in aesthetic surgery. The Burki Clinic serves an international clientele who include prominent figures from politics and show business.

Dr. Urs Victor Burki is the founder and first president of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Surgery (SSAS) and the founder and first president of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SSAM).

During his regular further training studies in aesthetic surgery, Dr. Urs Victor Burki has been awarded numerous diplomas. He is a member and/or award-holder of reputed institutions such as the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Surgery, the European Society of Plastic Surgery, the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine, the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Foundation for Education in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

As an internationally-reputed aesthetic surgeon who has successfully performed many thousands of aesthetic operations to date, Dr. Urs Victor Burki has developed and perfected numerous operating techniques in order to achieve optimal, natural and long-lasting results.
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